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Feeding Your Dog

Just like us, our dogs need a nutritionally complete and balanced diet to stay healthy. While all dogs are different and no two animals will have the exact same nutritional requirements, every dog must receive the proper amound of charbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, and other essential nutrients. Also remeber that your dog's nutritional needs can change depending on their stage of life

Puppy Diet

A growing puppy needs alot of nutrition in the first year of life. Essential growth nutrients, like calcium and phosphorus, are found in abundance in puppy diets. THis is why it's very important to give your young pet a specially formulated puppy diet until they've stopped growing. Most puppies stop growing by 12 months of age. but some large breeds may comtinue to grow until about 18 months of age. If you have a large-breed puppy, ask your vet about specific diets for larger dogs. Puppies should be fed three times per day until they're about 6 months old. After this, dogs are usually fed twive daily. Many toy breed puppies should be fed every four to six hours. 

Adult Diet

After about a year, a dog's diet should shift to adult food. THese diets are formulated with carefully balanced ingredients, and include vitamins and antioxidants that are key to fighting off disease and infection. Avoid generic canine diets. These products contain too much "filler" and not enough solid nutritional value. There are many premium diets available, so ask your vet which one will best suit your adult dog.

Senior Diet

By about the age of seven, most dogs should be transitioning to a specially formulated senior diet. Nutritional needs will change during this period of life, and the diet we give our dogs should follow suit. Many premium senir diets contain fewer calories while retaining the proper allotments of ket nutrients. Never free-feed your dog, as it can often lead to obesity. Regularly scheduled meals are recommended. The quantity of food to offer can be found by checking the label on your dogs food bag. THroughout your fogs life. work closely with your vet to develop a nutrional plan and ensure your dog is eating the proper food for their age. This is the best way to enjoy as many happy and healthy years with your dog as possible.