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Choosing a New Dog

There's no doubt that owning a dog can bring of happiness, companionship and fulfillment to pet parents. It's very important though, to make carefule considerations about what dog to choose. This way, you and your new dog can have the best relationship possible for years to come.

Breed Consideration

Consider the breed of the dog you're thinking about bringing home. Different breeds have different health requirements and personalities, so you'll want to make the appropriate choice. Remeber that a dog is a multiple-year investment; most dogs live to be at least 10 years of age, and some can live twice as long. Choosing between a purebred dog and a mixed breed is another important consideration. Before choosing a purebred animal, remember that hundred of thousands of homeless dogs wind up on the streets or in shelters every year. Choosing a mixed breed pet may simply prove easier; purebred dogs are often predisposed to certain health problems and finding a reputable and responsible dog breeder can be quite a task in and of itself. If you do choose a purebred dog, you must ensure that it is a high-quality breed-specific faults.

Lifestyle Choices

Think about the size of the dog you are considering. A large dog may not be a good choice for apartment lving, unless the owner remains committed to daily outdoor exercise. It's also important to consider your potential new pet's personality. Generally, working and sporting dogs have alot of energy. These dog will require alot of mental and physical stimulation and require close contact with humans. Terriers, on the hand, tend to be more independent and may be harder to train.


What sort of grooming requirement will your potential new pet have? Long-haired dogs will require more frequent brushing and bathing, and my even need attention from a grooming professional. Factor in the cost of canine shampoo and grooming visits before picking a long-haired dog or a breed with specific grooming requirements.

Children and Dogs

Do you have children? This is another important consideration to make when thinking about introducing a dog to your family. Young children will need to be taught the proper handling and interaction techniques with dogs, so as to avoid bites or other injury. Ultimately, adults need to be a dog's primary caretaker. When child are old enough, they can be included in various aspects of your family dog's care.